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Need guest bloggers for ZDNet social business blog

The holidays are coming! This means that soon the scent of pumpkin pies, cinnamon and holiday cookies will be in the air (note: never blog before breakfast). This also means that yours truly is going to take some much needed time off around each of the holidays.

Why should you, my loyal readers, care? Because this creates an opportunity for you. I am seeking about 10 guest bloggers to help me bolster my content over the next couple of months. Not for this blog, but for my ZDNet blog. (As you can see, I have no problems letting this blog go quiet for a month or two).

What am I looking for? First and foremost, creativity. What is your opinion on a hot topic or what research have you done recently that you want to publish in a potentially great forum? Please don’t send me simple ideas such as “how social media is reshaping marketing” or “how Twitter can be better managed.” I know you can do better than that. Larger scale story ideas around collaboration will likely be given more attention. Case studies about Fortune 500 companies are even better.

What do you need to do? First, read the blog and see what kind of stuff I like to post. More specifically, the guest blogs / guest bloggers with whom I’ve worked thus far will be a good clue as to what I may want.

Then send me ideas! Email them to me (my address is on the ZDNet blog) or DM them to me via Twitter. Quick requirements:

  • Vendor neutral
  • Must be able to quickly turn content around
  • Provide a professional head shot
  • Provide a short (two- to three-sentence bio)
  • Be compelling and opinionated

Hope to hear from you soon.

OH! I need ideas no later than Monday, Nov. 24, and deadlines for content will be determined on an individual basis. The sooner the better, however, as I will secure these slots as soon as I like an idea.

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Hmm….how do I dm? if you dont follow me?

Comment by thunderror

That’s why I also gave the email option. :)

Comment by Jennifer Leggio

Hey Jennifer, this sounds like such an amazing opportunity! I just sent you an email with a topic that I can potentially write about. I feel it’s unique and compelling enough to be featured on your blog :)

I look forward to hearing back. Thanks!

Jun Loayza

Comment by Jun Loayza

Hi Jennifer

Just emailed you with a post idea “Facebook Fan Pages – Hijacked or Harnessed”.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards


Comment by Jonathan Lyon

Thank you for working with me on the guest post. I’m more than happy to do it again, even with a little more edge :)

Comment by Andrea R. Baker

XBx5pc hi! how you doin?

Comment by mike

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Comment by Ganry15

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Comment by autoomob

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Comment by ladysman

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