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There seems to be quite the little network security community growing on Twitter, which truthfully has made for some fascinating discussion over the last few weeks. However there are a few challenges:

  • It’s really hard to find each other. Searches via Tweet Scan on the “security” keyword result in everything from complaining about physical security to debating homeland security to emo song lyrics.
  • Not a whole lot of of security folks are yet on Twitter, and if they are, see bullet No. 1.
  • Even if you find a security person and add them, unless they use Twitter Karma, they may not even know you’re following them due to Twitter’s unreliable and sporadic notification system.

What’s the solution? Twitter Packs, while a great tool, can be a bit daunting if you’re really trying to dig into one niche area, and really at this point only Twitter power users know about the packs. Ryan Naraine suggested to me yesterday that a separate list of “Security Twits” (really, guys, it’s not an insult — Twitter users = Twits) that the security community could manage itself would be a great tool. I agreed:


So, what now? Click on the names above to view the Security Twits’ (I swear this is what it’s called…) Twitter pages, and if you’re on Twitter, add them to your follower list. If you’re not on Twitter, sign up. Whether it be Twitter or Pownce or Jaiku, micro-blogging is on fire right now, and based on research thus far the security network hasn’t spread as widely to the other two services — yet. If you’re new to Twitter, read this blog post on the must-haves for newbies.Send this list to your own security networks and recruit more Security Twits. Comment below if you have any corrections or additions. This blog post will serve as a living document. When a suggestion is made in the comment section, I will update the blog post as appropriate.

Oh, and if you want to add me to your Twitter feed, I am over here. I’ll post an update whenever this list is improved and enhanced. Feedback is always welcome.

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Great post. You can put that I have a consulting company called VirtualSmith if you’d like to fill in the rest for me on your table. :)

Hope to talk to more people about network security as I’m always interested in learning about the new news, technology and troubles online.

Comment by srcasm

[…] to find as many security professionals who are using Twitter as possible and named us the “Security Twits“.  I don’t like the name myself, partly because it sounds like an insult, partly […]

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Srcasm – Having formatting issues. Will make sure it’s updated soon!

Comment by Jennifer Leggio

Cool Jennifer! I am going to see if I can get some more people to become Twits!

Comment by alan shimel

Alan — Awesome! Thanks!

Comment by Jennifer Leggio

here I am! Thanks for the list.

Comment by Joel Esler

Nice initiative!

Comment by Kees Leune

wanna do the same for pownce.

Comment by Joel esler

Joel — You should. :)

Comment by Jennifer Leggio

Just started up a few days ago. Get me on the list!! :)

Michael Farnum

Comment by Michael R. Farnum

Michael — Will do on the next update!

Comment by Jennifer Leggio

[…] and thanks to Alan Shimel for posting his “Twit” post that led to me finding Jennifer Leggio’s great “Twit” post.  I was having problems finding people on Twitter that were fellow security bloggers, and that […]

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Oh, and I’m on there as well.

Comment by Andrew Hay

I’d love to be included, although I don’t work for an illustrious or well-known company ;)

Comment by Lee Hinman

[…] Security Twits Twitter users in the security community (tags: security twitter via:dcortesi) […]

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[…] see you all there… at the RSA Security Blogger Meetup. addthis_url = […]

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[…] interesting post by Jennifer Leggio on Security Twits (Security folks using Twitter). Share […]

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Great idea and a great group name!

Comment by Bob Rudis

[…] is a quick one – over at Jennifer Leggio’s blog, there is a fantastic list of all of the infosec people who are on Twitter – it’s a great way to keep up with all of the twits (man, twitter creates some odd […]

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I’ve been told I’m a twit of some sort. I’m “quine” on Twitter (and my blog and tweets show up at thanks to Tumblr).

Comment by Zach

[…] 23, 2008 mediaphyter helps us finding Security Twits. btw her blog rank is more than […]

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I finally jump on the band wagon as well. Mind adding me to your list (zrlram)?

Comment by Raffael Marty

Raffy – Sure, I’ll add you in the next update. :)

Comment by Jennifer Leggio

Actually, for me TwitterScan finds more ‘standing in airport security lines’ than anything. Nice list, I have added a bunch of people. Thanks!

Comment by smigs

Add me up, too. ^_^

-abbi cabanding

Comment by princess of antiquity

I’ve been on twitter for a little while now as McGrewSecurity , so if you want, add me to the list. I’ll be following pretty much the rest of the list, so hello all!

Comment by Wesley McGrew

It would be nice to be on the list too!

Comment by Augusto P Barros

I’m new to the twitter scene – but I’ve been blogging on security for a few years now at

Comment by Garrett Gee

[…] to know you can now wrap all your security people into a big ball of twitterness (or something) via this handy list. I never thought I’d reach the heady heights of “security twit”, but there you […]

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Security- E-commerce – and Studying Twitter.

or coming soon for ultra low bandwidth folks

Have been injecting Unicode into Twitter too- which is interesting.

Comment by Wayne Porter

Hi, I work in infosec. Please add me. Thank you.

Comment by Timothy McDoniel

Hi Jennifer! I RSVPd to the RSA Bloggers meetup… blog info for list…
JJ’s Complete Unofficial Guide to InfoSec

jj (the OTHER jennifer)

Comment by jj (Jennifer Jabbusch)

CRap – sorry – twitter link!

Comment by jj (Jennifer Jabbusch)

Hi Jen, you can add me to the list;

Comment by Raffi

Follow Me On Twitter

All the smart people are doing it. Why should I be any different ?
Follow me here.

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[…] feeds and they subscribe to yours. It’s fairly interesting. There is an entire following of security twits who twitter all day long about more or less interesting […]

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[…] like Jennifer Leggio’s idea so much, I thought it might be a good one to explore here in Australia/NZ/Asia Pacific. (Thanks to […]

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Here’s two more security Twits, both of PaulDotCom Security Weekly fame:


Comment by Larry

Please add me this list.

If anyone has contacts at CanSecWest, please post them! Sooo much neat stuff coming out and not enough twitters…

Comment by pcidss

oops… name: James DeLuccia, Company Name: Intellection Strategies Inc., Blogs:

Thanks so much!

Comment by pcidss

[…] and watch “Dexter” — something that has become the butt of a few jokes in the Security Twit-terverse. I started season one last Tuesday. I finished season two on Wednesday night (only after […]

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Name: Clayton Donley
Company: Oracle

Please add. Thanks!

Comment by Clayton Donley

Please add me too, Jennifer?
Company: Graphico

Comment by Timeless Prototype

[…] me — especially those folks who met me at SOURCE Boston. I was doing so much recruiting for Security Twits that I had more than a few people ask me if I actually work for Twitter (I don’t). Clearly, […]

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Please add me to the list:

Name: José Manuel Pavón
Company: ISOTROL
Twitter: chmeee
Blog: not yet

Good thing about being from a non-english speaking country is that I don’t find twit offensive :) as “user of twitter” is the only meaning I know by now.


Comment by chmeee

Please add me to the list of twits:

Name: Tom

Comment by Tom

Please add me and my lab :-)

Name: Dan Guido
Company: Polytechnic University

ISIS Lab is a specialized information security lab at Polytechnic University.


Comment by Dan Guido

SplunkNinja’s Blog –

Comment by Michael Wilde

Hi Jen – please add me to the list.

Comment by Gena Thorn

Hi Jen

Can you add me to the Security Twits list?


Comment by Matt

nice list. Thank You. It is difficult to find “Twits” in a specific interest or niche (security, IT, and general tech, in my case). Your list will save me and others a lot of time.

Ed –

Comment by Ed

This is a great idea. Appreciate the centralized list. Feel free to add me.

Ed Bellis
Company: Orbitz Worldwide


Comment by cleartext

“sfoak” sent me your link when I asked him about twitter. Would love to join your list:

Gary Warner – UAB Computer Forensics


Comment by Gary Warner

[…] Want to know more? You can find more blog links on SBN and a fit-to-twit list at (the other) Jennifer’s Security Twit post. […]

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[…] my meanderings on the expo floor, I was able to find several fellow Security Bloggers and Security Twits by strategic use of Twitter. :) Among those, I found Jack Daniel, Jennifer Leggio, Stacy Thayer, […]

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[…] Twits thing so I thought that maybe our local area could use something similar. To honor the post that started it all, here is the official announcement (with our information substituted in). There seems to be quite […]

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[…] Thayer, one of the Security Twits that I follow, posted a blog entry regarding an encounter she had with some neanderthal at RSA […]

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Excellent, it would be great to be part of the list.
Company: Advanced Systems International
Javier Arrospide

Comment by Javier Arrospide

Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 Standard Edition Service Pack 1 (SP1) offers updates and improvements to ISA Server 2004 Standard Edition.

Comment by wan acceleration technologies

how does the academy get on your blogroll?

Comment by peter

[…] in February of this year, Jennifer Leggio (aka Mediaphyter), created the Security Twits list, bringing together a community of Twitter users who worked and/or played in the infosec field. […]

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شرکت مهندسی حارس هوشمند با فعالیت در زمینه امنیت اطلاعات و ارتباطات و همچنین حفاظت الکترونیک بازوی کمکی حراست ها و تولید کننده نرم افزار کنترل مراجعین می باشد.

Comment by Reza

nice pic i want to kiss him :-*

Comment by facebook game

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Comment by devizakereskedes

It has everything you need, and you think of all of that. Friend, believe me!

Comment by lero chaohuang

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